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Leadership & Biographical data


People in Power
Politics of International Oil
States and Regents of the World
Leaders, Elezioni, Governi e Sistemi Politici
Gobernantes del mundo
Royal Families in Europe
Guide to U.S. National Politicians
National Politics Web Guide
World Statesmen
World Rulers: Kings, Presidents and Prime Minist
Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership
Biografías de Líderes Políticos
Biographies of notable women (Living Legacy Awarded)
Royal Genealogies database
Women Biographies
The Political Graveyard
Peace Prize laureates
Links to pages of political leaders worldwide
Who's Who in U.S.
Presidents of the United States
Regnal Chronologies
European Kings and Queens database
US Presidential Sites Resources
U.S. Congressional E-mail Addresses
The Biographical Dictionary
Austrian polititians
Swedish Statesmen During 1000 Years
Who is who in Bulgarian politics
Who's who in Romania
Address Directory for Polititians
Chiefs of State
Celebrity E-mail

Biografias de personajes famosos históricos y actuales

Global Reference Data


First Gov
Country Assessments
Political Reference Almanac
The CIA World Factbook
Guia del Mundo
Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
Maps and Geography
National Geographic Online (maps, photography, travel, ...)
Country Updates
Integrated Regional Information Networks
Amnesty International Annual Report
Country Studies
Ethnologue Database
Country Backgrounds
Encarta World Atlas
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
Encarta Encyclopaedia
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Country Data
Free Geography Online Games
Fotosearch (stock photography and stock footage)

News and Media


BBC World Service
RFE/RL Newsline
The Nando Times
AfricaNews Online
INE Newspapers
Observatorio de Conflictos
Observatorio de Crisis

Governments and Parliaments


Parliaments on the Web
The Electronic Embassy
Foreign Governments Sub-Saharian Africa
Parties and Elections in Europe
Parliamentary WWW sites
Web Sites on National Parliaments

Political Parties


Political Parties & Youth Organizations
Parties and elections in Europe
Parties on the Web
Radical Right-wing Parties in Europe



Election Data Resources on the Internet
Lijphart Elections Archive
Daily Worldwide Elections News
Elections Around the World
Elections: Results and Voting Systems
International Foundation for Election Systems

Women Resources


Biographies of notable women
Women's Resources on the Net
European Database
Women and Society
Distinguised Women of Past and Present

WWW Virtual Library Related Areas


US Government Information Sources
Middle East Studies
Social SciencesUnited Nations and other International organisations
Migration and Ethnic Relations
Russian and East European Studies
Asian Studies
History Index Network

Political and Social Resources


British Library
Political Science Departments
Galaxy: Political Science
Guide to Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and the Baltics on the Web
The British Library of Political & Economic Science
Political Resources on the Net
Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
Research Resources for the Social Sciences
Fundació CIDOB
African Studies
Yahoo: Political Science
Political Science Resources
International Constitutional Law
International Simulation
Internet Resources for Political Science
Political Science Organizations and Associations
Departamento de Ciencia Política y de la Administración
Political Resources for the European Union
Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project
International Relations Sites
Political Database of the Americas
Political Science Resources
Political Science Journals and Publications
The International Security Network

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All countries
Presidents of the United States
International Civic Arms
US Presidents List
Historical Flags

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